Secondary Malignancies Are More Common Among Carcinoids

Since I found that I have bladder cancer, I have realized that I saw a lot of secondary cancers amongst the members of the carcinoid support groups that I frequent on the web.

A little googling reveals that some in the medical community have realized for a while that carcinoid patients have a higher incidence of other cancers than the general population.  This is one of several articles that I found relating this information:

“Neuroendocrine Tumors and Second Primary Malignancy-A Relationship with Clinical Impact?” 

Obviously, this means that us ‘noids need to be observant and careful to look for signs of other cancers.  We also need to make sure our oncologists and general care physicians are aware of this.

As usual, no oncologist that I know of has warned their patients of this possibility.  Why won’t they share information?  Many do not have the information because carcinoid is  rare.  Many believe that it is not malignant or is not a cancer because it grows slowly.  These beliefs have been debunked thoroughly but they (and sometimes the medical schools) have not gotten the message.  As patients, we must be brutal sometimes in educating our doctors and pursuing better treatment options.  We always should seek second opinions from those few doctors who are known experts in the disease.

May we all have the best possible outcomes,


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