Five Months After Carcinoid Tumor Surgery, Cold, Mind, Misc.

First – Here are the Grandkids!!!

Ansel Nov 2013

Ansel six months

Charlie Nov 2013

Charlie eleven months











I walk at least 2 miles or get some other form of exercise every day.  This morning it was 32 ° F and lightly snowing.  While I walked, I realized that the weather was not bothering me at all.  Before the carcinoid tumor surgery, cold weather really put me off.  My age may have something to do with the chills, but not so much now.  In addition, its been colder the last 3 days and I’ve spent time working outdoors without a problem.

To me, this is a direct result of the tumor removal and I love it!  My  mood and general feeling of good health with very minimal symptoms continue as well.

I have noticed lately however, that my short term memory is worse and that I get confused more easily than in the past.  Of course that also could be my aging, but other factors are possible:

  1. Carcinoid tumor patients often report memory loss and confusion.  No definitive study has proven a connection.  The average age at diagnosis is 64, so age may be a connection.
  2. General anesthesia is known to cause memory problems.  I have had general anesthesia in surgery at least 4 times and this last surgery lasted 5 and a half hours.
  3. Chemotherapy can cause memory loss and confusion known as “chemo brain”.  I have only had chemo once and that was a direct application in my liver called chemoembolization.  Might that be an aggravating factor?
  4. Concussions also are known to cause memory problems later in life.  About six years ago, I had a major concussion in a bicycling accident.

My oncologist says it would be very difficult to actually blame these problems on carcinoid and there is no treatment.  I guess “it is what is”.

My daughter Erin has purchased and moved into a house built in 1952 which has been a rental for some years.  It needs a bit of tender, loving care, so for the last few days I have been going over and changing locksets, replacing ceiling and porch lights, building shelves in the laundry, fixing holes in the walls, fixing stair rails, etc.  All of this has been a lot of exercise, particularly going up and down the basement stairs dozens of times.  I am so glad that I now feel well enough to do this for her family.  Being able to serve my family instead of being a worry and feeling sick all the time is a great blessing.

On Facebook Carcinoid Cancer Foundation (CCF) shared this: The “Cinderella Principle” of NETs Therapy. Sadly it’s very true, if you have NETs see a specialist. (If you don’t have facebook, these links may not work.)

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5 thoughts on “Five Months After Carcinoid Tumor Surgery, Cold, Mind, Misc.

  1. Cy — good to see that you are seeing some benefits from the surgery. Miss you and the gang at DSC. It’s a busy life for me, but good.


  2. Cy, what beautiful children! Grandchildren are such a blessing! I’m glad to hear that you are able to be active and feeling better too. I totally understand what you are saying about the memory problems. My husband was diagnosed 10 years ago at the age of 46 with Parkinson’s Disease. He had deep brain stimulation surgery this past February and is doing very well, but I’m noticing more and more problems with his memory. Is it the Parkinson’s, the medication, the surgery, or aging? Just like you, it’s hard to tell. It’s frustrating isn’t it? Hang in there and take care of yourself! Nancy:)

  3. Cy,

    I wish I had seen this earlier! I don’t often go into this email anymore. However, those babies are adorable!!!! I am so proud of Erin for getting the house. Putting a lot of tender loving care into a house makes it your home. They will be great! Also, I hope that you continue to feel better and don’t worry so much. I am just thrilled to hear that you are feeling well in general and are able to do those things that really matter in life. I love you and have a great Christmas!

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