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Music that I create and my opinions about music. Computer/Electronic music is the main interest.

Tutorial on Synthesizer oscillators and How to create a Riser Sound

This is my second youtube tutorial.

It is intended to teach a new synthesizer user what the common oscillator waves are.  The tutorial then goes on to show how to build a simple riser as used in electronic music using the Reaper DAW.

A Riser and Synth Oscillators tutorial

Watch this video on YouTube.

I hope some find it useful.


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I Made a youtube Tutorial! and Looking Well.

Part of having a chronic disease like carcinoid tumor is trying to concentrate on the other stuff in your life.  The Carcinoid Cancer Foundation shared this article “The Spoon Theory” on how one lives with a chronic disease.  It is very true.  It may be the perfect response to “But you look so well!”  By the way, I don’t mind being told that, I like at least looking better than I might feel, but that’s just me.  Many others with carcinoid don’t like it much.

Part of my life since retiring and therapy since diagnosis is electronic music. Listening to it (as well as most other music) and making it.  Making music is something I always wanted to do and now I do it.

My latest project has been to produce a tutorial for youtube on how to produce a sound called a “growl bass”.   This is used mainly by Electronic Dance Music (EDM) producers.  I tend to mix genres and wanted to use it in a different kind of music.  There are actually a surprising number of tutorials on youtube on this subject!  But, none of them address the DAW software that I use, Reaper and they all use expensive synthesizer software whereas I use free download synthesizers.

So, I watch a number of tutorials and then attempted to reproduce the sound with my tools.  It took me a week or more but I got it!

Instead of going ahead with my music, I thought “Wouldn’t it be great to make a tutorial for my fellow software users on how to do this? Surely I’m no the only one who want to do it.”  I also thought “How hard could it be?”  Famous last words.  It took about two weeks.  I tried and discarded a couple of screen capture programs before I found one that was acceptable (Apowersoft Free Screen Recorder).  I trained myself on Windows Movie Maker. I bought a better microphone and wrote a script and practiced over and over again.

Finally, this morning I uploaded it to youtube.  What a relief!  But,  what a great learning experience.  Find it here:

Vocoder Growl Bass Tutorial

Watch this video on YouTube.

Be where you are; otherwise you will miss your life.  ~ Buddha

Namaste (I bow to the divine in you),


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Music for June 2014

I have finally finished another piece.   With travel, health and other issues I have not been very productive, I know.

This music is a result of experimenting with some tools that I was not familiar with.  I also used the work as an opportunity to practice mixing and mastering some more.  Sometimes one wonders if he really has any art in himself and needs to push hard to finish something. That’s where I found myself and I had to press hard to finish this.

Listen and enjoy (I hope).

“Moody 1”; Electronica; June 1014 Download

May we all enjoy the best possible outcomes in our journeys,


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Chillin It has a lot of downloads!

My song “Chillin It” has had a thousand downloads on Soundcloud!   This is enough that they want me to upgrade to “Professional” before they will allow any more downloads of the music.  I have opted not to spend the money for that.   So here is the ambient music and a link for downloading:

“Chillin It”, ambient, downtempo, electronica

EDIT: 2016-02-18 The song is no longer available for download here. It can be purchased for anything you want to pay including nothing and downloaded by clicking the shopping cart above or going direct to my store at:

Of course, it is very pleasing that so many people have chosen to download and listen to this music. None of my others come even close. Perhaps there is a demand for ambient music that I was not aware of?

I have not produced any new music for a while but I am currently working on a new piece. Maybe I can get it out this month.

May we all have the best possible outcomes!

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Welcome to those who have not visited this website!

Those who have been here before will notice a number of changes in the appearance. The theme for the blog has been getting a little too old and it was not written by WordPress so it had some weaknesses. It was incompatible with some plugins and I feared that a WordPress upgrade might break it.

WordPress has delivered some new themes so I decided to bite the bullet and customize one of the new themes. I also applied an upgrade to the music player which I had avoided prior to now. One problem that I will pursue is that you need to stop one player if you want to start another one when they are both on the same page. I will try to get that fixed.

Hope you like the new “look & feel”!

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Synthetic Guitar Music

I have been meaning to try my abilities at creating guitar music with synthetic guitar software and software amplifiers and even a synthetic wah-wah pedal.

All of the plugins that I used for this venture are free download VST plugins from the web.  Of course, they are plugged into my DAW, Reaper.

  • Revitar 2, a guitar synthesizer.
  • Voxengo Boogex amplifier
  • FreeAmp3 amplifier
  • Coyote Wah

As an added bonus the bass is a free VST called SuperRiff Bass which I have used several times.

The music is created in a midi editor.  I do not know how to actually play a guitar (That may be obvious!)

So here it is, a Guitar Ballad:
Guitar Ballad – Electronic guitar – 9 December 2013.


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Trying my hand at Hip-Hop music

Well, this week I felt that I should do some new music genre. Hip-hop is something that I have very little experience with. So here is a try at it. It probably is closer to trip-hop but it’s a first try.  I believe a key to this is to remain sparse in orchestration, allowing the drums to carry you forward.

“Too Late” Hip-Hop, vocals: Diana Riggs – 16 November 2013.

EDIT: 2016-02-18 available at my music store:

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My Nature – Trance and Ambient?

I have been thinking about this for a while. This new music proposes to be a fusion of ambient and trance.

I like the result although the “fusion” may not be as complete as desired.

Try it and see how you feel about it.

“My Nature” Trance, Ambient, Electronica – 30 August 2013.
EDIT: 2016-02-18 Now available at my store:

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My latest music composition – 2013 April 11

After about 4 months of struggling to produce something, I have finally finished something that I started in December.

I have not been idle.  There have been a number of video tutorials in mixing and others on music production.  Some specially good ones are available at The Recording Revolution. They are easier to find on (search for “5 minutes to a better mix” or “the recording revolution”). I’ve also been studying a book about drum patterns or grooves for various genres of music.

Today I am posting my new tune “Funk Mystery”. It is a mix of various genres. I hope it pleases some of you.

Funk Mystery, Electronica – 11 April 2013.

In other news:

Last week I had an echocardiogram and my cardiologist says that I am healthy enough for surgery.  I will let everyone know when that is scheduled.

Next week I am going fly fishing with three friends for three days.  We are really looking forward to catching the first fish of the year!

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