Binaural Beats

A few weeks ago a friend of mine posted this on facebook: how-to-get-high-without-drugs.

It’s not a hippie/druggy thing.  It’s about a beat you hear when you have two different but closely related sounds, one in each ear.  The effect is said to be calming, relaxing and meditative.  It is called binaural beat.

I studied on this, found a number of references on the internet (even software to experiment here) and decided to remix my ambient piece “chillin it” with a background or pad made of a binaural beat.  This is the result but according to the literature you have to listen to it for 15 or 20 minutes to experience the effect:

Binaural Chillin It; 2015-Jan-01, ambient and binaural beat experiment.  Download

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3 thoughts on “Binaural Beats

    1. It was mainly an experiment with the phenomena. I liked doing it and I may use binaural beats again with other downtempo or ambient pieces. The effect does seem to add a little more relaxation. My meditation technique usually involves quiet, not music.

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