Synthetic Guitar Music

I have been meaning to try my abilities at creating guitar music with synthetic guitar software and software amplifiers and even a synthetic wah-wah pedal.

All of the plugins that I used for this venture are free download VST plugins from the web.  Of course, they are plugged into my DAW, Reaper.

  • Revitar 2, a guitar synthesizer.
  • Voxengo Boogex amplifier
  • FreeAmp3 amplifier
  • Coyote Wah

As an added bonus the bass is a free VST called SuperRiff Bass which I have used several times.

The music is created in a midi editor.  I do not know how to actually play a guitar (That may be obvious!)

So here it is, a Guitar Ballad:
Guitar Ballad – Electronic guitar – 9 December 2013.


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