Heart in the Mountains

I have just had two wonderful days in Frisco, Colorado. I stayed with my friend in his condo and we fly fished, walked, attended evening concerts.  The weather was good, the fishing was good and one of the free concerts was fabulous (Queen Nation which is a Queen tribute band).

I had no atrial fibrillation symptoms at all in Frisco which is about 9,000 ft. altitude.  The last time (before the cardioversion) that I was there I was very sick and felt I could not breathe.  Even fishing a stream at over 10,000 ft., my breathing was probably no worse than a person who was not accustomed to the altitude.

The cardioversion is working!  I now need to try bicycling more.

I had a followup EKG on Monday and there is no difference from where it was after the cardioversion two weeks ago.  Let’s hope that it sticks for a while.

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6 thoughts on “Heart in the Mountains

  1. Cy, that’s really great news. Must make you feel like a new person after that great weekend. I’m happy for you!

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