Bicycling in January

Today a friend of mine called and asked if I wanted to go bicycling.  It had not even crossed by mind.  It is easy to fall into a rut and think the winter weather will be too cold and uncomfortable.  Also, it’s easy for me to think that with carcinoid tumor and atrial fibrillation that I should not do it in cooler weather (not true unless perhaps I am having active symptoms).

I went with him this afternoon and we rode 20 miles.  He is 7 years older than I am and could ride the hills faster.  Going to the gym and riding stationary bikes does not prepare you for outdoor riding on a real bike very well.  The temperature was around 52 degrees fahrenheit and there was a chilling breeze, but I have gear for much colder so I can ride fairly comfortably.  We  rode around Cherry Creek Reservoir to the top of a hill where we could see the front range partially (because it was mostly cloudy).

Very nice.  I am lucky to have friends who ask me to participate which reminds me that I can and should do the things that make me happy.

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2 thoughts on “Bicycling in January

  1. Yes you are blessed to have friends thinking of you and calling. I also have some great friends who are my excercise buddies. We are lucky.

    Hey, how is that little one?

    1. Thanks Linda, We are blessed.
      Charlie is another blessing. He is doing well and sleeping better at night so that Erin and Tex can sleep a little.

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