A Different Cancer!

As I told you in CT Scan News a few days ago, a lesion was found on my urinary bladder by the latest CT Scan.  I saw a urologist today and I have bladder cancer!  This appears to be the same as one of my brothers who was treated for bladder cancer about a month ago and I will have the same treatment when I return from Europe in a month or so.   My brother Dave is doing well from his treatment.

It’s called scraping the bladder.  It is normally an outpatient procedure but for me there may be a complication (of course!) because the cancer might be blocking a duct from one of my kidneys and also because I am carcinoid so the anesthesia could cause carcinoid crisis.  We won’t know until we get there.

I told you in The Nicest Thing an Oncologist Ever Said to Me that there is no known reason for carcinoid cancer and our own actions cannot be blamed for it.  This bladder cancer is not the same.  Generally, the docs blame smoking for this one.  I quit smoking about eight years ago but I smoked for about 40 years.

It seems that I can thank carcinoid cancer for causing the discovery of bladder cancer at a relatively early time.   Never thought that I could be grateful for carcinoid.  Now I’ve got to educate another doctor about carcinoid crisis.

As always, may we have the best possible outcomes,


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3 thoughts on “A Different Cancer!

  1. Cy My thoughts and prayers are with you. I know you can do this. Take joy in the small normal things that are extraordinary in everyday life. God Bless you. Shelley

  2. I am so sorry, Cy! Hopefully, this type of procedure will be kinder on you than others. Praying for the simplest solution.

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