Carcinoid Cancer and Mental, Emotional, Spiritual Health

This article appeared on Wednesday in “”: Cancer Diagnosis Appears to Raise Suicide, Cardiovascular Risks. To keep abreast of the good (and bad) things being discovered for and about cancer, I subscribe to their email “Week in Review”. As patients, we are our own best advocates (or should be!), so we need to amass as much knowledge as possible about our disease and treatment.

You might look at this article and think “DUH!!!”, but to me, it highlights an aspect of our lives as cancer patients that too often is given little attention. The article is not carcinoid specific but everything about cancer applies to carcinoid cancer at least as much if not more.  Carcinoid has all of the bad implications of the word “cancer” as well as the fact that it is not well known and goes undetected or mis-diagnosed and/or untreated for years in many sufferers. We find the disease hard to understand and our family and friends find it even harder.

Many patients need to seek mental health therapy. Even here, I have seen stories about having to convince the therapist that this cancer is different or even that since we have so much seratonin we are not always happy!

Physical fitness is a challenge but it can reward you with some self esteem and a more positive attitude.

Most people need some sort of spirituality.  Spirituality can give self esteem, compassion for self and others. You may be lucky enough to find spiritual health in an organized religion. It never really worked for me. Luckily, about four months before I was diagnosed, I had started attending a meditation group regularly.  After I got the diagnosis, I meditated more frequently and for longer periods of time. I firmly believe that it helped me get through that especially rough time.  I am becoming more involved with the meditation center and plan to continue to study meditation techniques.

My purpose is not to push you into meditation. It is to push you toward finding a source of spirituality that works for you. With carcinoid cancer or any other cancer you need it.

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