Our Caregivers, Our Life

In the past week, two things have reminded me of how much I owe to Laurie, my wife, and how much all cancer victims owe to their caregivers.

  • I had the good fortune to read this: Cancer and Perspective: Hindsight is 20/20 by Cameron Von St. James. His wife is a victim of mesothelioma, another rare and deadly form of cancer. I recommend the article which about his feelings as spouse and caregiver.
  • Last weekend, I attended a meeting of the Colorado Carcinoid Cancer Support Group. Since carcinoid is rare, there were maybe 15 sufferers at the meeting.  There were a number of caregivers/spouses or loved ones.  Those caregivers showed responses from deer-in-the-headlights to intense activity and interest.  But, all were there for their loved one.  All were suffering  just as surely as the cancer victim.

Without the support of Laurie, my wife, I would certainly be in a difficult and lonely position.  Cancer can place a lot of demands and a lot of fear in the family as well as the cancer victim.  She has steadfastly supported me through these difficults.

I am fortunate currently to not be suffering or an invalid, but still the disease demands that it be considered in most decisions we make.  This is specially true in travel plans which Laurie loves.

I love her and give thanks for her regularly but not often enough.

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