A fun visit from my brother

My brother Larry is visiting here in Colorado.  He is from Kentucky and has visited before, but this time we have had a chance to do more touring than before.

We had a wonderful ride on Tuesday to Georgetown in the mountains.  We took the narrow gauge train ride there. It has been years since I did that and we had fun.  From Georgetown, we drove over Guanella Pass (11,600 ft.) and had lovely views of the changing aspen trees.  From the pass we drove down to US  285 and back to Denver.

On Wednesday we went flyfishing in the South Platte river near Deckers, CO.  Larry had tried flyfishing unsuccessfully once before. On this trip, we both caught fish and had a wonderful scenic drive.  The fishing was great fun and for the record the Platte is a well known and sometimes difficult fishery. We saw a flock of turkeys on that drive.  Unfortunately, I suffered some symptoms of atrial fibrillataion (afib).  I had some dizziness and difficulty breathing and had to get out of the river and sit for a while on the ground.  My  head was still fuzzy after our lunch so I let him drive home.  However, we did take another scenic route.  That night I suffered the night sweats that are a symptom of the carcinoid tumor and the next evening I had the chills that are also symptomatic of the cancer.

I have been in touch with my cardiologist and will probably wear a heart monitor again next week. He thinks that I an having afib symptoms again.

On Thursday we had a long walk in Denver and also a tour of the Denver Mint.

Friday we took another mountain drive.  I took him over Loveland Pass (11,990 ft.) where we got out of the car and walked a little.  I had no more difficulty breathing than he did!.  From there we drove around Dillon Reservoir, through Dillon and Frisco (we stopped there for a while) and Breckenridge and over Hoosier Pass (11,542 ft.) to Fairplay where we stopped for lunch.  Heading back toward Denver, there were a lot of people parked at the top of Kenosha Pass (9,997 ft.) so we stopped and found that we had a good view of an adult moose in full antlers! Further toward Denver, we left the main road and drove to Pine and from there through Sphinx Park on an extremely narrow and twisty and scenic road and back to the main highway and back to the highway.  A great and scenic drive!

Tomorrow we visit a nephew in Ft. Collins and Larry will stay with our sister in Denver, play golf with our brother-in-law on Sunday and leave for Kentucky on Monday.  It’s a pleasure to have him with us for a while.

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