A great fall fishing trip

I just spent 6 days fly fishing with my friends Ed, Bill and John. This fall trip is a tradition with us for many years.

We drove to Wyoming (about 4 to 5 hours) and tent camped in a BLM campground 20 dirt road miles from Riverside.

The fishing was great for all of us except John.  He got back spasms trying to wade the North Platte river within an hour of starting to fish and was not able to fish after that. Wading the North Platte in southern Wyoming can be compared to walking on greased bowling balls which are under several feet of water. It can be dangerous!

We ate well, slept in tents on air mattresses and had only a little rain each afternoon. Generally we fished hard for 4 to 5 hours and then met at the camp to swap lies, read and eat.

The most amazing thing to me was that this all came together for me so well only 2.5 months after major surgery. I had little or no symptoms from the cancer and only some minor symptoms from some of my medications. I was able to hike up and down the river at least a mile or more on undulating, sage brush covered country to get to the spots we wanted to fish and also to constantly wade in and across the river during the fishing. My friends commented that I had not seemed this healthy on the trip in at least 3 years. It looks like that surgery may have been the right decision!

The weather was unusually warm 80 degrees F daytime and perhaps low 50s or high 40s at night.  This is the warmest September trip that we have ever had to Wyoming.  Usually it’s colder (even snow once!) with more wind which is difficult to manage fly fishing.

After 3 nights of camping we went to Saratoga, Wyoming and stayed a night in a motel and ate good Wyoming steaks.  The next day we drove back to Frisco, Colorado in ski country where we had started. I stayed in Ed’s condo with him that night and we went out to eat and celebrate his birthday. The next day Ed, Bill and I met again about a 1.5 hour drive south of Frisco and spent the morning fishing on the Arkansas river not far from Bill’s home in Buena Vista, Colorado. Again, we had good weather and good fishing. After that, I drove home to Denver about 2.5 hours.

This was the best fall fishing trip that I have had in years.   Tomorrow,  I go to the oncologist’s office to get my regular Sandostatin LAR injection. It’s been 5 weeks since the last injection! Before the surgery I would be getting miserable after 3 weeks. Hopefully this will continue for a few years.

Thanks to all for their thoughts, prayers, and support of any kind.

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5 thoughts on “A great fall fishing trip

    1. I caught about 25 trout. In fact the first day, I caught the most fish and the biggest fish for the day (a 16 inch rainbow).
      As I recall, I caught a fish before I got sick when we went together as well.


  1. Good times! Too bad you have to end it with an injection. But good that it is available for you. I was thinking of you last night. Do well!

    1. Thanks Michelle, the injections are FDA approved to treat the symptoms of carcinoid. However, they were proven last year to be antitumor as well. So I will keep getting them in the hope that they can reduce the incidence and size of tumors.

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