How did this happen?

Today, I turned 70 years old! How on earth did that happen?  Below is a picture of my wife Laurie whom I blame for my continued existence more than anyone else.  But I also depend on my kids, grandkids and all the rest of my large family (11 siblings) and my friends for their love and support. Of course the medical establishment has done much to keep me going, although I had to learn to battle them when I felt they were wrong.

I just spent 11 days in the Netherlands with Laurie, Derek, Kat and Ansel.  It was a great trip during which we could celebrate Ansel’s 4th birthday, Derek’s birthday and my own birthday. We saw the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam and saw some of the King Day (big holiday) celebrations in Amsterdam. We spent several days in Haarlem as well and had a wonderful tour of the tulip gardens with the tulips at their peak.

Kat had arranged for Airbnb accomodations in both cities and they were very nice.  The very nice flat in Amsterdam was beautiful but was a 4 flight walkup. The old house in Haarlem had some stairs that were difficult but we managed.

The trip was marred only slightly by some problems with my sciatica. Fortunately, my

spine doctor had supplied me with a prescription for methyl prednisolone. I filled that and took it with me to the Netherlands which enabled me to get around most of the time.   The injection’s good effects are not lasting as long as I would have hoped.

Yesterday was the 6th anniversary of my diagnosis but I had no problems with the Neuroendocrine Cancer on this trip.

Laurie, Margot, Charlie - Easter 2017
Laurie, Margot, Charlie – Easter 2017
Eating Ethiopian Food  with Ansel in Amsterdam 2017
Cy and Margot - Easter 2017
Cy and Margot – Easter 2017

As usual with my list of diseases, the day after I got back, Friday, I went to the oncologist’s for my monthly butt dart (Sandostatin injection).  Tuesday I meet with my oncologist to discuss the neuroendocrine cancer and perhaps the Netspot (GA-68) scan.  Next Monday I restart weekly physical therapy for my spine.  The beat goes on.

May we all have the best possible outcomes,

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9 thoughts on “How did this happen?

  1. Happy Birthday, Cy!! So grateful for your presence on the planet and the ability to do what you love!! Keep on keepin’ on!!

  2. Sounds like you and your family had a great time in Netherlands, one of my favorite places on Earth.

  3. You are blessed that you have turned 70 and the beat is still going. Sounds like you had a good trip with Derek and family. Erin’s little Margot is so cute. Congrats on making it to 70, I hope I do!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CY. Glad you were able to spend time with family for a wonderful birthday celebration.

  5. Glad your birthday was celebrated with family and a lovely trip. All the aches and “other bad stuff” sorta disappear when you are enjoying family. Please thank Laurie for her work on your behalf and the grands for giving you the biggest reason to put up with the medical ailments and doing what we must to keep on with what we love. Happy birthday. Looking forward to being with you on the 20th.

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