Three Months After Carcinoid Surgery and Vacation with Family

September 25th was the end of the third month after my surgery!  It seems like the dim past now.  Part of my celebration was to vacation with my sister and her husband who came to Colorado from the Chicago area for some family and sight-seeing.

On the carcinoid cancer, good news and bad news…

Good news: I was able to hike at 10,000 ft with my sister and brother-in-law with no ill effects or weakness.  We stayed at Keystone Resort with an altitude of 9,280 ft again with no noticeable effects.  I felt even better than I had felt in early September for the Wyoming fishing trip (A great fall fishing trip).  Overall, I feel healthier than I have felt in years.  Today I went to the gym for the first time since surgery.  All is well so far.  But…

Bad news:  Since the surgery my symptoms have gradually been recurring; not as often and usually not as severe.  My surgeon warned me and the carcinoid support groups tell me that often the symptoms are not cured by the surgery.  Also, we know that the primary tumor was not found.  The night sweats and the evening chills do not happen often. The diahrrea has occurred twice in the last two weeks and that’s the first it has happened since the surgery.  It may be the cancer’s reaction to eating out so often during the visit with my sister.  Hopefully, we can continue to treat successfully with the Sandostatin.  This week I had a CT Scan which will help establish a base line since the surgery.  In a couple weeks I will have an octreoscan for the same purpose.  We must continue to watch for progression of the disease.

My sister and her husband were kind enough to allow me play guide in the mountains.  I took them on a ride over Kenosha Pass, Trout Creek Pass and Fremont Pass.  We saw South Park (yes that one), Fairplay, Buena Vista, Leadville and many mountains.  In Leadville, we took a tour of the Matchless mine where Baby Doe Tabor died penniless after being one of the richest women in the country.

We also took a ride over Ute Pass with astounding views of the Gore Range of mountains.  In both rides, the aspen leaves seem to be at the height of their fall colors.

We hiked on the North Tenmile Creek trail which goes into the Eagles Nest Wilderness Area.  Again beautiful scenery and fall colors.

It feels great that I can enjoy the outdoors of Colorado again for a while and even the gym!


May we all have the best possible outcomes!


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3 thoughts on “Three Months After Carcinoid Surgery and Vacation with Family

  1. I’m so glad you’ve been able to do some traveling and see your beautiful area! I hope the sandostatin helps with those darn symptoms! It helps with mine. In fact, the tumors on my liver were a little smaller in July. Next testing will be an echocardiogram. Blessings and Healing!
    Dodge City, KS

    1. Thanks Nancy,

      In fact the Sando is helping. I had an echo cardiogram a month ago and all is well there. This month I am having a CT Scan and an Octreoscan. These will serve as a baseline from after surgery forward and should definitively show that the know spots still on my liver are carcinoid (or not)!


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