Two months after carcinoid tumor surgery

It was two months last Sunday from the surgery day! Recovery is so far much easier than I would have predicted.

All good news…  The symptoms of the cancer have all but disappeared.  I have very little discomfort from my liver.  Ibuprofin takes care of it, if needed.  My cardiologist says all is well.  He is amazed.  The next step this year should be to get all new scans to serve as a baseline in the coming years.

I am walking about 3 miles a day now.  I do not have to carry oxygen anymore.  A week ago I rode my bike 12 miles with no after effects!

I mentioned that the surgeon searched for the primary tumor in my intestinal area and did not find it.  A surgeon that specializes in carcinoid and NETs said in a talk last year that the search fails to find the primary about 20% of the time.  That does not mean that it is not there.

Planning to go tent camping and fly fishing in Wyoming next week for four days with some friends.

All is well in Denver.  Thanks to all for their support and interest.

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