Oncologist Visit – All Good

Today I my oncologist about the carcinoid tumor.  There is nothing but good news at this time!

The CT Scan and the blood tests all indicate that I am stable.  There is no growth in the existing tumors and no new tumors are detectable.

We have decided that I will continue to come in for injections every three weeks but only meet with the oncologist every three months.  Blood tests will continue every six weeks or so.  The CT Scans will change from every three months to every four months.

Since carcinoid cancer will keep starting new metastases over time, this stability is a very great relief, even knowing that it will not last.

Now if we could get my heart symptoms just a little more stable, I would be a happier old guy!


“I can’t complain but sometimes I still do.
Life’s been good to me so far.”
Life’s been good, 1978, Joe Walsh

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