Reducing Stress and Cancer

This column appeared in The Denver Post today: “Reducing stress key part of cancer fight” by Drs. Oz and Roizen formerly called the “You Docs”. While their column explicitly talks about breast cancer studies, in my opinion the subject applies to all cancers including carcinoid or NETs.

Drs. Oz and Roizen reference a cancer research study done at the University of Miami – “Stress Management Improves Breast Cancer Outcomes”. More here: “How Stress Management Improves Quality of Life After Treatment for Breast Cancer“.

While that study does not specifically reference meditation, that is the approach that I took and it helped me enormously. There are non-sectarian, Christian, Buddhist, yoga and Islamic meditation techniques being taught throughout the United States.  A quick search of the web reveals that there are CDs, lectures, classes available through the internet.

My own choice was a Shambhala Meditation Center near my home. Shambhala is an ancient meditation tradition which some say may precede the Buddha himself. It is now taught in the Buddhist tradition. Even though it is Buddhist, they do not push that religion. The focus is meditation from which they believe anyone, no matter their faith, can benefit.

Certainly any and all stress management techniques (including exercise when possible) have the potential for improving the outcome in our battle with cancer. It is well known that they can improve our life whether or not we have cancer.

I’m off to the gym now to “pump iron”. After that, I get to go meet my new oncologist and get my monthly Sandostatin injection. Oh boy! What fun.

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