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What a month!

I had my birthday early in the month.  Made to 68 years old.

Laurie and I spent the last two weeks in Scotland and Ireland.  It was a good trip.  About 7 days in Cellardyke near St. Andrews being with Derek, Kat and Ansel.  Great to be with family and of course enjoying the 2 year old grandson. Stayed in a different bed and breakfast most of the time. It turned out to be good.  Spent a day in Glasgow, then on to Dublin!  Four days there walking and touring.  It’s a good city.

Unfortunately, the Carcinoid Syndrome caught me there with the normal issues of diarrhea, low blood pressure and heart rate. It seems to happen every time I travel now.  Fortunately, even though I had to sit out a little of the touring, it was fairly controllable and I was able to enjoy Dublin and just being there with Laurie.

Tomorrow, my semi-yearly CT scan for carcinoid.  I hope there are still no changes visible. It would be nice if we found my still unlocated primary tumor.

Next week, May 27, I am scheduled to get a pacemaker.  The doctor told me that my average heart rate during a test last month was only 52 bpm and we know that it falls sometimes as low as 35 bpm.  It is not certain, but it could be due to the carcinoid. An oncology teacher told me the connection is known to occur, but is “exceedingly rare”!  I get all the luck! The cardiologist says that I will feel better immediately.  It will only be an overnight in the hospital.

Be sure that I will post as this progresses,


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4 thoughts on “Scotland, Ireland, Carcinoid Syndrome, Pacemaker

  1. Thanks for passing along the news about Dr. Liu! I have been flying to see Dr. Woltering but am looking for an alternative close to home. I am in Monument so will make an appointment with Dr. Liu. I am hitting the 10 year mark this September and hope you will do as well.

  2. It is amazing that you can travel. I am glad the first week went well. Hoping that the pacemaker will make a huge difference in how you feel.

    1. Thanks Ronny,
      We visit the St. Andrews area a couple of times a year. Our son teaches at the university.
      We have visited Dundee. It seem nice to me.

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