Taos Trip and Other News

Last week, Laurie and I drove down to Taos, New Mexico. It was a quick two night trip.  It’s about 290 miles driving.  We had a good time.  We drove to Walsenburg, on the interstate highway then a side trip to the Great Sand Dunes National Park for a quick, slightly rainy visit, then took La Veta Pass over the mountains to Taos.  Coming back, we drove through Angel Fire to Raton, New Mexico, then over Raton Pass on the interstate back to Denver.  Great scenery both ways.

The southwestern food there is to die for.  I could not resist even though I knew I might have some Carcinoid Syndrome due to all the peppers in the food.  I did get it but not until we got home (that liver surgery two years ago has done so much for my quality of life!)

Taos is famous for the art of course.  We visited galleries and a museum.  We also visited a historic cemetery where the famous scout, Kit Carson is buried and walked the historic plaza and part of the Paseo.

We drove to the Rio Grande River Gorge which has a famous steel bridge across it that was built in the 1960s (565 ft. high, second highest bridge in the US highway system).  There we also saw some southwestern Indians selling handmade jewelry.  Laurie bought one or two pieces. We also visited the Angel Fire ski area but there is not much there in the summer.

Cancer News:

Kaiser Permenente HMO has denied a referral to a carcinoid specialist, claiming that they do everything that’s needed to treat the disease.   I have filed an appeal.  I am investigating changing insurance.  I think that I will probably pay for this first visit myself for a second opinion.  If he specifies a treatment that the HMO won’t or can’t do or if he specifies surgery, I will have to drop the insurance for sure.

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    1. If I did not have a rare disease, I would have no complaints about Kaiser. In fact their business model works well if you don’t have too unusual a malady. Their doctors have all seemed to care about patients. It is easy to move between doctors for various problems. It is when you need something outside their HMO that the care falls down.

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