Thanksgiving, Christmas, Cancer

This Thanksgiving was spent in San Jose, CA. My brother Tony had lung cancer surgery. One lobe and a dozen lymph nodes and a piece of rib removed. We got good news. He is classed stage 2A. The cancer has not spread as far as they can tell. He now has to decide whether to have chemo.

I went there to aid and support him. He recovered so quickly after leaving the hospital that he was driving and cooking within 3 or 4 days. His son Cy and Cy’s fiancee Jordan provided us with a turkey dinner. Then his daughter Elise and her partner Carol provided another turkey dinner.  We ate well. It was good to get to know them all.

A good thing for me was that I continued my daily walks and during my walks I found a Vietnamese Buddhist temple.  I went there 4 times for meditation. It was a beautiful, serene place.

On returning here, I have had my last Sandostatin injection for neuroendocrine cancer at my HMO. Next month I will start going to Dr. Liu’s offices for that. Hoping that this will be a positive change in my life.

Today, I got an unwelcome Christmas present. The bladder cancer has recurred. Because I I am changing insurance, I will wait until next month to see a new doctor and get their opinion and action plan.  I am told that the cancer is very low grade and that I should be able to wait a couple of months.

Despite the bad news, our house is decorated for Christmas and we will have a good crowd here this weekend for a holiday dinner. I am looking forward to it.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Holidays, Namaste,


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12 thoughts on “Thanksgiving, Christmas, Cancer

  1. Sorry about the reoccurance. Hoping for all the best as you work with your new doctor and find the best treatment for you.

  2. Hi Cy, I have seen your posts on different websites. Saw this one today and wanted to wish you well. I had surgery summer of 2012 and so far so good. My brother had bladder cancer at 42 years old and is now 54. We know there is a big chance of it coming back, but he quit smoking for over 10 years and now is smoking several packs a day. But, he was also diagnosed with possible Parkinson’s ( my mom has Parkinson’s also) so I think that has a lot to do with the smoking. I am glad to hear your brother recovered from surgery so quickly. Blessings and good thoughts to you and your brother.

  3. Cy, I know you will find the strength when you need it. I’d love to come across a serene place like the one you describe in San Jose.

    Have you and your brother had any genomic testing? It might steer you both in the direction of optimal chemotherapies.

    Hope 2016 brings good things to you and your family.

  4. So sorry to hear about the bladder cancer. My best wishes for much better times with
    your new insurance and best wishes for good outcomes in 2016. Happy Holidays.

  5. I am sorry about the bad news C I am sorry about the bad news Cy. But I also know that you will do what is best for you and I am hopeful that new doctors will make a difference.

  6. Hate to hear that bladder cancer has returned, keep your spirits up and continue the fight knowing that we all love you and are with you.

  7. Well, darn, Cy. I hate to hear the bladder cancer is back. Good luck with your new insurance and doctors! Happy to hear positive news for your brother, and it sounds like you had a great time while there.

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