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Hawaii is truly a great place to visit.  We have just returned from eight days on the big island which is called Hawaii.

We went to beaches most days.  We also visited Volcanoes National Park.  It is a 2 to 3 hour drive from Kailua-Kona where we were staying so we could not spend as much time as we would have liked there. Kilauea Volcano has erupted lava almost continuously from its east rift zone since 1983.  The latest lava flow is at Puʻu ʻŌʻō, a crater on the flanks of Kilauea.  It turns out that it is too far from roads for day trippers like us to get near and see it.  Instead we took a some tours and a hike into the main crater on top of Kilauea.  Intensely interesting, the hike takes you through a rain forest packed with exotic plants and birds and you get good views of the crater and the crater within the crater which is steaming and still has a lava lake at its bottom. It is also pretty steep and at over 4,000 ft, if you are not from Colorado you may need to take it slow. My heart condition and my cancer did not seem to limit me too much.

We visited several state historic parks which show things about how the ancient Hawaiians lived before white men came.  It was very interesting.

Hawaii has a law that all beaches are public. The big island does not have as many beaches as the other islands because it is the newest island.  There were still plenty of beaches for us and they did not seem too crowded, in fact never crowded at all except right in Kailua on the weekend.

Overall, a great trip.  The last day, my carcinoid diarrhea struck. I don’t know why. I was careful with my diet. Perhaps it was the heat on my body from three continuous days at the beach. The good news is that Imodium controls it well enough for my last day and the overnight flight to be not too miserable. The bad news is I still have it for the third day now.  It should improve within the next day or so if the carcinoid behaves as usual.

The afib also caused some discomfort on the flight home but not too bad.

I am grateful to be well enough to enjoy a trip like this and hope to continue travelling.

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