Travelling, Scans, etc.

About 4 weeks ago, I reported that travel and celebration can cause carcinoid gastric problems (Carcinoid Rollercoaster). I am pleased to report that since then I took an eleven day trip to my hometown in Kentucky, attended a niece’s wedding and took a road trip to North Carolina to visit a brother. No gastric problems showed up at any time.

My opinion is that most food I ate was home cooking and I tried to eat smaller meals more frequently. These strategies worked well.

This month my injections were four weeks apart instead of the three the I reported earlier. This is because I had the octreoscan mentioned in Carcinoid Rollercoaster and most of the octreotide must be out of your system. I expected my symptoms (deep evening chills, night sweats) to reappear during that fourth week but they did not. A slight bit more abdominal pain did appear at random times in different places. This is a common carcinoid symptom. Next month the injections are four weeks apart again because of scheduling problems. Let’s hope the symptoms stay away.

The octreoscans are quite different from CT scans or MRIs. The patient is injected with radioactive octreotide. (I was told that the radiation has a half-life of 67.5 hours and that airport scanners would be able to detect my radioactivity for about a month.) After about four hours, Scanning plates about 20 inches square are positioned above and below the patient. The scan is started. It takes about 30 minutes for the scanners to reach your feet, they move very slowly. In my case, the scanners were repositioned above the abdomen and chest and then scan by moving around my body. This took another 25 minutes. The scan is repeated again about 24 hours after the injection.

The only news that I have from the scan is that no new tumors were found. I will report more when I know more.

Because of the wait (4 hours) between the injection and the scan, I took a laptop to the clinic and started work on a new piece of music. That will be revealed in my next post.

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