Worldwide NET Cancer Awareness Day

Net Cancer Day
Worldwide NET Cancer Awareness Day


“If you don’t suspect it, you can’t detect it.”


November 10 is Worldwide NET Cancer Awareness Day.


NET means Neuroendocrine Tumor which is a cancer that usually grows slowly and generates endocrine substances like seratonin, chromagranin A, gastrin, insulin and others. These substances are natural to your body but become poisonous to your body in large amount causing many different symptoms, illnesses and even death. This is a rare disease. Only about 130,000 people in the US have been diagnosed. Because the symptoms are diverse, it is often mis-diagnosed or not diagnosed at all. Doctors are taught not to diagnose for rare diseases. The classic teaching is: “If you hear hoof beats, don’t think zebras.” Because of this, we call ourselves zebras.

Learn more about NETs here:

I have Carcinoid Tumor which is a type of NET. It was discovered by accident in my liver during a CT scan of my lungs for a different possible problem. The primary tumor is somewhere in my gut but the doctors have not been able to find it. The primaries can be very small and multiple. It has metastasized to my liver which means it is incurable. I have had half my liver removed with a very large (tennis ball size) tumor in it. This blog has many entries about my struggle with the disease.  To read more, start here: Carcinoid Cancer – My Story

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