Bladder Cancer, Spring Fishing

Despite the cancer procedure last week, I decided to go on my annual spring fishing trip with friends.  We have been doing this more than 25 years.  Can’t let a little cancer get in the way of tradition!

The weather was beautiful here in Colorado on the Arkansas River.  The rental house that my buddy found in Salida was great.  We found the fishing to be tough, but we all caught fish.  My fish count was the worst.  That happens sometimes even to me and I had the excuse of recovering from bladder cancer surgery.

I had to go to the rental and sleep in the afternoon on the first and third day of the trip.  My body was weaker from the recovery and my carcinoid was acting up a bit, I think from the general anesthesia the week before and from the pain pills.  Although the bladder cancer procedure pain was not very bad by the time of the trip, my back pain has also been acting up lately and unfortunately I had a bit of a problem with climbing the steep banks of the Arkansas on the first day of fishing and I had to stick to easier access points for the rest of the trip.

My urinary surgeon called to tell me the biopsy results from the surgery.  He said that the cancer was non-invasive including a “black spot” he had worried about and that the good biopsy meant he would not have to remove my bladder!  I previously knew nothing of a “black spot” or the possibility of bladder removal.  I think they just don’t remember what they have told us or not.  At least the prognosis is good.

We agreed that I would go through the BCG immunology treatment that I discussed in my previous blog.  However, that cannot start until Laurie and I return from our Scotland/Iceland trip in late May.

The first three days in the mountains were mostly sunny with temperature near 70 degrees F. The last morning we fished with temperatures in the high 50s.  In the afternoon, we drove through a snow storm to get home to Denver. Today, the next day, the snow storm is here in Denver and we are expecting about 14 inches of snow.  Colorado is an amazing place!  I feel lucky to be living here.

May you have the best possible outcomes,


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5 thoughts on “Bladder Cancer, Spring Fishing

  1. So I’m hearing “good” and “not so good” news. We’ve both learned that cancer has it’s own way of determining our outcome, but you are in there for the fight and I’m so proud of you!! Sounds like you are enjoying life and the news from you doctor is excellent! I had another CT Scan two weeks ago which found NO signs of tumors or cancerous hormones. Now if I could improve on the Diabetes and Neuropathy, it would make life a little easier. I think about you often and wonder how you found the strength and courage to keep so positive!!!

    1. Thanks Joanne,
      I’m not sure that I would call it “strength and courage” but I belong to two different groups that emphasize being “in the moment”. “The past is gone and the future does not yet exist.” This philosophy suits my temperament and helps a great deal.
      Also, the fact is that I am neither as sick or as disabled as many people with NETS, I may appear strong when I simply am not quite so physically sick.
      Thanks again and I hope for you improvement as well. Love that you have No Evidence of Disease (NED) in your scans and tests.

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