Spring Fishing – 2013

Spring fishing in Colorado is always a risk.

I just spent three days on the Arkansas River with four of my friends fly fishing for trout.  This spring trip is a tradition going back 30 years and we have seen all kinds of weather and all kinds of fishing.  You can find good fishing in bad weather, bad fishing in good weather, and the whole gamut of possibilities in between.

This week much of Colorado has had unseasonably cold temperatures and a lot of snow.  We were not too concerned because the Arkansas valley is usually warmer than Denver and has often less snow.  It is sometimes called the “sun belt” of Colorado.

This week it was warmer and less snowy than Denver but still a problem.  On Monday when we met at Cotopaxi ( a small town in the canyon) it was chilly and a bit windy and we decided to fish right there.  The fishing was good!  Although I had the worst catch of the five of us, we all had fun.  As usual we celebrated “beer thirty” at a bar in Salida (I don’t drink but I can still enjoy the mountain town saloon ambience).  We stayed at the Woodland Motel in Salida as we have done for many years.

Tuesday was colder and the wind was cold and stiff with perhaps 40 or 50 mile per hour gusts.  Very difficult and uncomfortable fly fishing.  We did it though and most of us caught fish.  At the saloon that night we decided that it was probably the worst conditions for fishing that we had ever fished on the spring trip.  We decided to eat at a small bar, walked in and found a three piece jive/swing band playing.  They were pretty good and a lot of fun.  The burgers were good too.

On Wednesday, it was even colder and started snowing during breakfast.  We decided not to fish in the near blizzard conditions.  The drive home which normally takes about three hours, took four hours of careful driving.  Even with the weather, this tradition is one of the real pleasures of life for me.  My carcinoid symptoms were acting up a little but under control with drugs.

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3 thoughts on “Spring Fishing – 2013

  1. Sorry I missed the fishing trip but my group, 32 golfers mostly 20 yr friends had a great trip also, I won the top of the money list. Maybe I can go with you guys next year although I would hope that the weather would be a little more enjoyable. hope you are feeling well

  2. Salute to you and your fishing buddies! What a trip! I might add what a strange weather year we are having. Let’s see what the summer will bring.

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