Great News and Not So Great

Wonderful News!

On Monday August 22, I became a grandfather for the third time.  This time the child was a girl.  We are very excited and ready to spoil this girl to pieces like any good grandparent.

Margot 01
Margot – Granddaughter
Margot & Erin 01
New born Margot and proud mom Erin.
Margot & Family 01
Margot, Tex, Erin, big bro Charlie










Mom and baby are well. They will probably be sent home Thursday. Much joy!

The pictures are by Dad Matt and Grandmom Debbie.






Not so good.

I saw my urinary surgeon this morning and the bladder cancer. The cancer has recurred in only 4 months and while I was undergoing the BCG immunology treatment! My doctor calls it a nuisance cancer., not life threatening if treated.  But, it means that I have to train yet another anesthesiologist on the protocols for anesthesia with a NETs patient. (I almost died with carcinoid crisis under anesthesia five years ago and I don’t want to repeat that.)

The cancer has to be removed again (4th time). My surgeon is looking for alternatives or add-ons to the BCG treatment.  He is also looking for promising studies that I could join.

It may be nerves or some other physical issues but I have had the feeling that my NETs may be progressing a bit.  A small increase in abdominal problems and pains is noticeable.  I should see my specialist next month.

Life works this way.  Never all good, not really all bad.

May we all have the best possible outcomes,


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9 thoughts on “Great News and Not So Great

  1. Cy,

    First, I’m sorry to hear about the cancer but I feel confident you have surrounded yourself with the best of the best and will be able to train the anesthesiologist to do what you need.
    Second CONGRATULATIONS on the new granddaughter! I didn’t even know she was expecting…..Denver grandparents +4 this year for you and Sarah. How joyful.
    We love you much. Take care and wishing the best of outcomes for you.

  2. Congratulations on your beautiful Grandbaby! Sorry to hear of your need for further treatment/sugery for bladder cancer. Still hope to see you in September.

  3. Congrats on Margot. Hope you have a good result on next treatment. Need to know if you have a good time for me to visit for a few days, probably in oct. Talk to you about that later.

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