Finally back to music!

For the past few months, I have certainly been busy with the cardio and carcinoid issues in my life.  But, I have not ignored music. Today I finished my first example of Trance music.

As I reported in: Music Software, I purchased a new digital audio workstation (DAW) called Reaper @ – Reaper and I have been working hard to learn at least some of it’s features. In addition, I have studied a number of video tutorials about producing, mixing and mastering various kinds of music.

Trance is a form of electronic dance music (EDM) popular today in some nightclubs and in raves and other gatherings. I chose to try it because it is almost wholly synthesized music which I think is fun. My piece below consists of two software synthesizers (free on the internet) which I programmed to produce two leads, two basses and a pad. The drums are from a sampler which has many samples of drums and allows you to synthesize new ones by combining the samples. The special effects sounds (zooms, swooshes, explosions, etc.) are clips that I have downloaded from the internet. The effects added to the synthesizers (reverberation, echo, EQ, compression, distortion) are software plugins that came with the DAW or downloaded free on the internet.

It was a challenge because the tutorial videos were mostly on other (quite expensive) DAWs and synthesizers.  A large part of the effort was to do the same things on my setup (which cost less than $100) that they were doing on theirs.

I like the piece but to me it needs make be much “dancier”.  Tutorials can teach you to use software, but, they don’t give you talent.  Please enjoy:

Sawyer – 29 July 2012, trance.

I would be happy to hear what you think.

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