My latest music composition – 2013 April 11

After about 4 months of struggling to produce something, I have finally finished something that I started in December.

I have not been idle.  There have been a number of video tutorials in mixing and others on music production.  Some specially good ones are available at The Recording Revolution. They are easier to find on (search for “5 minutes to a better mix” or “the recording revolution”). I’ve also been studying a book about drum patterns or grooves for various genres of music.

Today I am posting my new tune “Funk Mystery”. It is a mix of various genres. I hope it pleases some of you.

Funk Mystery, Electronica – 11 April 2013.

In other news:

Last week I had an echocardiogram and my cardiologist says that I am healthy enough for surgery.  I will let everyone know when that is scheduled.

Next week I am going fly fishing with three friends for three days.  We are really looking forward to catching the first fish of the year!

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4 thoughts on “My latest music composition – 2013 April 11

  1. As always Cy I dig your music. This one had me dancing in the kitchen and thinking back to my clubbing days in NYC. Thanks for sharing–great to see you tonight–cheers

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