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  1. When you were going through your symptoms did you have ever have something called Ascites and if so what did they do for it since it seems it is taking forever for mine to get addressed and I am sick again and still have liver cysts and a fast heart beat that they don’t know what to do with. My liver enzymes are very highly elevated, as of this moment, did you ever have problems with ALT and AST – liver enzymes. I am trying to keep this short, any suggestions on foods you ate that were easily digestible, as my stomach is out of it. Apparently you can sustain on rice for weeks. My liver is still enlarged.

    My docs are arguing between it being liver lesions and cysts, my point is remove them.
    and remove the pancreatic cyst as well and they are aware of my immediate and greater concern of it by the minute but they don’t listen.

    P.S. I loved that Drummer piece of music you made.

    Sincerely, Tony

    1. Thanks for listening to my music, Tony.

      No I have not had ascites, nor have I had trouble with liver enzymes. Before I was on Sandostatin, I had to eat bland food without much spice of any kind. The sandostatin controlled the production of gastrin by the tumor in my liver and my “burning” stomach of 5 years went away mostly! Since the tumor removal last June, I have had no burning in my stomach at all until the past couple of week when I have had two minor instance. I am praying that the remaining tumors are not becoming more active.

      I really hope that you can get to see a carcinoid specialist somehow. If your doctors can’t decide whether it’s lesion or cysts, the easy step is to have a needle biopsy done. This is how they proved it with me.

      As I have said in my blog, if you have carcinoid, every expert in carcinoid recommends surgery if at all possible.

      May you have the best possible outcome,

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