A Musical Story

This new piece is a departure from the pop genres that I have been pursuing.  This is intended to be cinematic music.  It is a combination of orchestral music with a rather abrasive electronic beat and a junkyard band beat.

I would like you to consider this a background to a story.  You provide the story as you listen to this.

Please enjoy:

Eerie Story – 4 May 2012, cinematic genre.


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5 thoughts on “A Musical Story

  1. The door slams shut on her BMW. She knows she’s in the wrong part of town, but fate brought her here for a reason.”You’ll know him when you see him” is what she was told over the phone. She kept thinking “if it wasn’t for Pedro, I would be home right now.” The streets look different in this part of town, at this time of night. The bars have closed but the morning paper won’t be delivered for a few more hours.

    There he was…

    Love the song Cy, very inspiring.

  2. Hero walks through the dark streets. Searching, Searching… He runs into several seedy characters, but no dice. Runs into a fem fatale. End of story.

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