Knowing that I was getting into electronic/computer music and mixing it myself, my son gave me a CD titled “Whipped Cream & Other Delights Re-whipped” which consists of various artists’ remixes of Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass “Whipped Cream & Other Delights” which was published in 1965!

One particular remix struck me, “Lemon Tree” remixed by Thievery Corporation.
This is the original: Lemon Tree – Tijuana Brass, a bit slow for me.
This is the remix: Lemon Tree – Thievery Corporation remix, same trumpet playing, different lead in and background. Suddenly it’s cool and more interesting to me.

Listening to, I heard several of their compositions, became more interested and purchased a CD and several MP3s.

Thievery Corporation is a couple of guys who were DJs and did so well that they opened their own dance club. That did so well that they opened their own record label. They are unique and inventive. One of their better known compositions is this: Lebanese Blonde – Thievery Corporation… very nice.

I particularly like this remix: This is not a love song – Thievery Corporation remix. I like the exotic percussion and it really is not a love song. OMG, it’s about being in business!

Remixing is a large part of the electronic/computer music business. Artists remix each others’ stuff. They remix their own stuff and issue new CDs. Many times the remixes are better.

Some people seem to think that remixing is theft of another artist’s work. Normally, this is not so. Consider these thoughts:

  1. Remixers are expected to contact the copyright holder for permission before issuing their work.
  2. There are organizations that watch for the release of copyrighted material and can collect the royalties. There is a standardized royalty arrangement in the music industry.
  3. If a remix is released and is a success, it often results in new interest (and therefore more money) in the original release and often in the original artist’s body of work.

If you just don’t like how the remix sounds, just listen to the original.

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