Rock and Roll Fun!

Just for fun, I have put together this piece.  Mostly rock and roll with a little bit of electronica thrown in.

It’s perhaps a little strange, but if it were not a little strange, it would not have come from me now, would it?

I hope you enjoy it!

Help Me – 3 September 2012, rock and roll.


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6 thoughts on “Rock and Roll Fun!

  1. Cy, this stuff is awesome! I had no idea how funky and creative you are. Truly entertaining and fun. Really trippy, actually! Love it! Thanks for turning me on and for all your words of wisdom. You are the somebody that is helping!


  2. Hey Cy,

    Thanks for sharing; I dig the back and forth between, electronica, harder rock and funk throughout the song. I hope to see you this Saturday–Peace Kevin

  3. Hey Don,

    Great to hear from you. John tells me that you have been way busy this summer. I would love to hear your tracks as well.

    Glad you like the song. I kind of whipped it together over a couple days, then spent a few more days polishing. I really like the DAW I’m using now (Reaper).

    Peace on you my friend,

  4. What up Cy,

    That song is crazy, I totally get it! It’s got some of that 70’s “Shaft” vibe going on with some scragidy hip hop dude (help me) pourin on the sauce. 🙂 I like the dissonant piano sound with the drivin bass on the chorus.

    I’ve been trackin some stuff too. I’ll send you some tracks to see what u think.

    Peace brother

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