VCV Rack and TouchOSC video

I just created a tutorial about using a software app for midi control with VCV Rack.

TouchOSC is an app available for iPhone, iPad, any Android device. I have used it on Android on both my phone and my tablet. You can buy it for a small price at the Apple App Store or at Google Play Store. It requires a software bridge on your computer to communicate to other software. The Bridge and an editor for layouts are available for download at the publisher’s website That site also has a lot of documentation on using the tool and creating your own layouts.

As you probably already know, VCV Rack has become my tool of choice for creating electronic music. One problem that I have is that, when a patch get large, I find myself zooming in and out a lot to find controls on modules that I want to tweak. If I hook the most used controls to TouchOSC on my Android tablet or phone, I can tweak them without even seeing them on the screen!

I created a TouchOSC layout specifically for my use with VCV Rack. That layout and the VCV Rack patch used in the video are available for download here:

TouchOSC - VCV Rack Tutorial
Watch this video on YouTube.

An interesting thing to me is that I have done a number of turorials using direct screen capture on my Windows machine. Never before have I attempted to merge and edit a direct screen capture with a live camera video. I had to redo things many times to get it right.

I hope this is useful to some musicians.

May we all have the best possible outcomes.

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