What started me on electronic music.

I have wanted to play music for years. Over twenty years ago I took piano for 4 years. But for electronic music the fault belongs with jazz and a producer named St. Germain. I have loved and listened to jazz for many years. In 2004, St. Germain issued a CD called “Tourist”. It is said to be the first successful attempt to fuse House beats with Nu Jazz. “Tourist” was played on the local jazz station and I fell in love with it and got the CD for Christmas. In the following couple of years, purchased other St. Germain CDs.

Here are YouTube links for a few of his works:

I realized that St. Germain was a producer. He sometimes recorded live musicians but always mixed and often created the whole track himself. This fascinated me. In 2009, my son-in-law told me that he had used some free software to edit or remix some of his band’s work. The software is called ACID Xpress. It is freely available for download here: ACID Xpress download. It is also available on CNet and other free download sites.

After downloading ACID Xpress, I trained myself and experimented until I was ready to retire in 2010. Then, I bought Sony ACID Music Studio available here: ACID Music Studio. This is the software that I still use and have been happy with at my level of expertise.

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  1. Cy,
    Love the site, nice job! What theme did you use? Great to have access to technology that allows us to express ourselves. As you say, it is therapeutic and can be of benefit to the reader/listener as well. Enjoyed the music, look forward to seeing you soon. I have been very busy the last couple of weeks, which is a good thing.
    thanks for including me,

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