I Made a youtube Tutorial! and Looking Well.

Part of having a chronic disease like carcinoid tumor is trying to concentrate on the other stuff in your life.  The Carcinoid Cancer Foundation shared this article “The Spoon Theory” on how one lives with a chronic disease.  It is very true.  It may be the perfect response to “But you look so well!”  By the way, I don’t mind being told that, I like at least looking better than I might feel, but that’s just me.  Many others with carcinoid don’t like it much.

Part of my life since retiring and therapy since diagnosis is electronic music. Listening to it (as well as most other music) and making it.  Making music is something I always wanted to do and now I do it.

My latest project has been to produce a tutorial for youtube on how to produce a sound called a “growl bass”.   This is used mainly by Electronic Dance Music (EDM) producers.  I tend to mix genres and wanted to use it in a different kind of music.  There are actually a surprising number of tutorials on youtube on this subject!  But, none of them address the DAW software that I use, Reaper and they all use expensive synthesizer software whereas I use free download synthesizers.

So, I watch a number of tutorials and then attempted to reproduce the sound with my tools.  It took me a week or more but I got it!

Instead of going ahead with my music, I thought “Wouldn’t it be great to make a tutorial for my fellow software users on how to do this? Surely I’m no the only one who want to do it.”  I also thought “How hard could it be?”  Famous last words.  It took about two weeks.  I tried and discarded a couple of screen capture programs before I found one that was acceptable (Apowersoft Free Screen Recorder).  I trained myself on Windows Movie Maker. I bought a better microphone and wrote a script and practiced over and over again.

Finally, this morning I uploaded it to youtube.  What a relief!  But,  what a great learning experience.  Find it here:

Vocoder Growl Bass Tutorial
Watch this video on YouTube.

Be where you are; otherwise you will miss your life.  ~ Buddha

Namaste (I bow to the divine in you),


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