Heart Is Pumping Just Fine

I just received news from the cardiologist’s office that the pumping function of my heart is fine according to the echocardiogram.  Well within their parameters. Also, the Nuclear Stress Test indicates that there are no blockages in the veins and arteries.

As I told you in Cardiac Stress Tests, they were concerned with my heart’s pumping function after the Nuclear Stress Test. Last Thursday I had the echocardiogram test.

To all my family in friends, I apologize for all these false alarms.  I do not want to be the boy who cried wolf!

I am very pleased with Kaiser Permanente doctors and their constant pursuit of potential problems in me.  Occasionally, I feel that I get stampeded with the concern.

All in all, I am very lucky that carcinoid cancer has not made me any sicker and that the treatments seem to be holding it steady for now.  I am lucky also because this atrial fibrillation (afib) is treatable.  Even though I complain about having to miss fishing trips and not riding my bike, the larger picture is that I am still moving on.

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3 thoughts on “Heart Is Pumping Just Fine

  1. Hi Cy

    All very good news. Hang in there. I think how you handle all these tests is amazing. Try not to get too overwhelmed.


  2. That’s good news, Cy! No apologies needed, we must take every concern they have seriously “until proven otherwise” right? Love, Me

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