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Yesterday I returned from 5 days and nights in the Colorado mountains. I was fly fishing with some friends.  This spring trip is a tradition of ours that has lasted many years.  A little extra fun this year was that one man came who had never fly fished. He is our age and an avid outdoorsman. He caught on quickly and got a number of fish.

We spent two nights in Avon at one of the guys’ condo. It is on the Eagle river. The fishing was demanding, but we caught trout. We fished using “blue winged olive” nymphs which float at the bottom of the river. We always release the fish we catch. We eat well though and in Avon we cooked our own dinners.

We then spent two nights in Salida on the Arkansas river. We have a favorite, comfortable motel (the Woodland) which we always use there. Again the fishing was not easy, but we caught fish and had a good time. The Arkansas has a hatch of caddis flies called the “Mother’s Day hatch”. When it is on, the fish are in a feeding frenzy. Although the hatch had started downstream we only saw a few of the caddis flies. The fish would sometimes come to the dry fly or the emerger or the nymph of the caddis fly. We usually fished with a two fly rig, either two nymphs or a dry fly and a nymph. About half the fish I caught came to a dry fly caddis, the others to a caddis nymph or emerger. We tried restaurants that I was not familiar with and the food was good. On these trips we always buy lots of lunch food at the deli counters of grocery stores and make lunch streamside. It’s fun and a nice break in the fishing, which can be actually pretty active exercise.

On Thursday we drove back to Avon for the night. On the way we stopped at a beautiful place called Brown’s Canyon and fished for several hours. I had my best day of catching there. I fished a two fly rig consisting of a dry fly called an Irrisistible and a red Copper John nymph which represents a may fly nymph. All the trout took the nymph. The last fish of the trip came to another fly that I had switched to, an olive flashback nymph which I fished as an emerger. In Avon we had another good home cooked meal that night and came home on Friday.

It is wonderful how such a trip can energize a person. The carcinoid symptoms I experienced were very minor and did not interfere with my enjoyment of the trip at all.

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