Mobile Me

The world has gone mobile.  I have just activated a feature of the WordPress blog software which will detect if you are visiting the site on a mobile device. It will show the mobile phone user a special view of the website that should be usable.

Please leave comments if the site was working before on your mobile device or if this new view is no good for your device (tell me what your device is).

I hope everyone can enjoy this!

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2 thoughts on “Mobile Me

  1. I am so happy to hear this! I gave your site address to my 48yo baby-brother who was just diagnosed in March.(Small bowel, gall bladder, liver and another tumor sits near his recto-sigmoid colon. He will have second surgery soon.)
    Hearing the experiences of others definately helps.
    My brother is a music guy too. He was touring with Neil Diamond and had to give this up due to the _______ cancer.

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